About Bendigo Sheep Vets

Tristan Jubb BVSc

Tristan Jubb is the principal livestock veterinarian with Bendigo Sheep Vets. Since qualifying as a vet in 1983 from the University of Melbourne, Tristan’s career has focused on improving livestock health, production and profitability. He has a certificate in sheep farm management, a Certificate 4 in workplace training and assessment, and is a member of the network of Australian Sheep Veterinarians.

To get phone advice from Tristan…

To get veterinary advice from Tristan, please use the Phone A Vet app downloadable from Google Play or the App Store. The Phone A Vet app allows you to upload pictures and videos and have an up to 15 minute video call with Tristan. This enables Tristan to speak with you while examining your animals and their environment. Tristan then gets the full picture and can give the best advice. When in the app, search for Jubb, Dr Tristan.

Our advisory services

  • Disease and illthrift investigations
  • Feed budgeting
  • Ration formulation
  • Farm biosecurity plans
  • Flock health, nutrition and reproductive programs
  • Staff training

Our contracting services

Our training services

  • How to use a captive bolt
  • Best practice lamb marking and mulesing
  • Lambing first aid


Mobile: 0448 403 600

Email: tristan@bendigosheepvets.com.au

Phone A Vet: search for Jubb, Dr Tristan